March 14 Meeting


March 14, 2013

  • Opening Remarks
    • Sean opened the meeting by the official implementation of Robert’s Rules of Order. Thanks was given to the community present: Eternal Breath Coven (EBC-CPWC), Keepers of the Hearth (KOTH), Church of Thessaly (CT), and all the solitary practitioners (S) in the community.
    • Jarred addressed the membership body on the issue of not having a charter. The charter was discussed for several minutes. Two amendments were added to the original charter to clearly define a voting member and to redefine the titles of the Board of Directors in terms of legal matters: CPR becomes President, CIA becomes Vice-President, and CAA becomes Secretary/Treasurer. Jarred reassured the community that the council would hold all power in matters of charter revision and fund appropriations. Concerns were voiced and addressed. The charter with the two amendments were unanimously accepted by the community and unanimously signed by the community.
    • Rin addressed the council on her activism in securing sponsorship. Vendors Gypsy Market of Lafayette, Louisiana and Lucky 13 Curio of Matthews, Louisiana pledged their support and offered space in their shops to promote ASA. The Church of Thessaly pledged their support for ASA as well as graciously offered land for ASA use for public events, aid in securing published authors and respected community leaders for workshops and lectures, and introducing ASA to other formal pagan organizations within the community at large, such as Northshore Pagans.
  • ASA Board of Directors
    • Nominees for the Board of Directors, Rin (S), Sean (CT), and Jarred (S), introduced themselves to the community and stated their credentials, affiliations, attributions, and contributions to the community.
  • ASA Community Council
    • Nominees for the Community Council were presented to the community. Each stated their credentials, affiliations, attributions, and contributions to the community.
  • Election of Board of Directors and Community Council
    • The Board of Directors, although unopposed in nominations, was elected.
    • Representatives for KOTH and EBC on the council were elected.
    • Five individuals were nominated for the three remaining seats on the council. Council was elected by plurality: 3 votes for “most liked,” 2 votes for “liked,” and 1 vote for “least liked.” The remaining council was elected.
  • Regular Meetings
    • The Board of Directors chose every Friday at 4:30pm to meet at Starbuck’s to have public administrative meetings.
    • The Community Council chose every 1st and 4th Wednesday at 6:30 to meet at Starbuck’s to have public council meetings.
  • Events
    • Winter Solstice 2013 Getaway Weekend at Poverty Point to ASA as a public event.
    •  Crystal Mining Getaway Weekend in Arkansas briefly.
    •  Beltane Camping Excursion 2013 in Texarkana and dismissed it as a possible avenue to attend.
    •  Alternative Spiritualities Expo of Acadiana and its formal proposal would be discussed first at the next council meeting.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Special recognition was given to the appropriate individual for her suggestion at Sharing Circle to include dowsing rods in Qi work. Special recognition was also given to the appropriate individual for his suggestions and challenges to the charter for more clarification.
    • Sean asked that any other concerns not previously discussed be discussed at this time. No one responded.
  • Meeting Adjourned
    • Sean official ended the meeting.

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