March 20th Council Meeting

Minutes March 20, 2013

 Opening
o Meeting began at 6:43pm.

 Attendance
o All of the ASA Administration was and ASA council were present.

  •   Opening Remark
    – The meeting began with the laying out of the rules of order.  No personal attacks.
    – Administration gave an overview of last administration meeting to the council. Admin showed council the membership form and flyer for ASA.
    -The sponsorship packets and brochures were also presented by CPR.
    – Google Docs introduced; spreadsheets for recordkeeping purposes; council asked CAA to return with a tutorial on how to use Google Docs next meeting.
  •   Membership Form

Council suggested changes to the membership form currently created.CAA informed the council of three legally required sections of the membership form: an member’s legal name, a member’s home address (street, city, zip, and parish are essential), and a member’s date of birth. Council suggested that the membership form include (1) multiple contact phone numbers, such as work number or day number, evening home number, and cell phone number; (2) skills sets, such as professional skills that could be useful to ASA; (3) ownership of businesses, to create a list of member-owned businesses to direct members to; (4) organizational affiliates, such as other churches or charity organizations; (5) Preferred name, nickname, or magical name; (6) code of ethics; and (7) signature. Google Docs database will be used for quick reference only and not for membership signup.

 Membership & Sponsorship
– Create a quarterly general membership meeting to discuss the direction of ASA.
– Host a picnic in the park to attract new members (CAAsuggested Southside Park. CPR given the task to contact city to ask for permission to use the park. CIA given the task to pick a date by looking through the calendar.)

– Research and create a distinct code of ethics for ASA (task given to CAA).

– Sponsorship

 Support vs. Sponsorship: a distinction was made between “supporters” and “sponsors” not to confuse anyone. ASA is not collecting donations nor offering sponsorship packages yet; however, CPR has sought businesses and community leaders who have pledged their support for our organization.

 Support packages and prices were introduced by CPR. Council liked proposals and asked for a final draft of the proposals be finalized by next meeting.

o Interfaith volunteer groups: CPR given the tasks to contact existing volunteer organizations within churches who are open to individuals of alternative faiths.

o Hospital ministry: ASA vowed to create a list of pagan clergy in the area and give that list to the hospitals in case individuals ask for pagan “last rites.”

o Streamlining the process for ordination: ASA vowed to help individuals get ordained and legally recognized as ministers in the Acadiana parishes.

 Guidelines for Remediation

Nos devoirs sacrés

Lafayette, Louisiana Chapter


– Council called for a “due process” clause, amendment, or article be added to the charter. The “due process” clause would be guidelines for a remediation process between members but would also be a process of removing a member from the group if necessary.

– Council and administration agreed that the primary mediator chosen to preside over arbitration be a solitary practitioner without any affiliations. A secondary and tertiary mediator will also be chosen as alternatives if the primary cannot serve in that function. The council also suggested a temporary appointment of a mediator in cases where no standing mediator was able to serve.

–  Council proposed that the administration make nominations for mediators. Council will then vote for the mediator and require a unanimous vote. If a unanimous vote cannot be reached first round of approval, then the council will meet privately to discuss objections. The council will then vote a second time; however, only a majority vote is required to approve the mediators.

  Evaluation of Charter and Revisions to be Made

Suggested adding a (3) after 501c in Article I(A)
Suggested adding “United States law, Louisiana law, parish law, city and/or local ordinance” to Article I(B)
Suggested redefining ASA’s target audience as “for all of Acadiana and members of Acadiana

  • Spiritual Association” in Article II(B).
     Proposed an amendment to the charter stating that voting members of Acadiana would only come from the eight parishes that make up the heartland of Acadiana: Lafayette, St. Martin, Iberia, St. Mary, St. Landry, Vermillion, Acadia, and Evangeline parishes. ASA’s focus of operation would be limited to these areas.

    Strike “advocacy” everywhere in the charter; ASA is not prepared to fight any legal battles. ASA vowed to direct individuals with discrimination problems to the ACLU.

    Remove “Board or staff” and replace with “council” in Article IV (2) o Adjustments made to Article VI:

     Quarterly meetings required

    •   Nominations for elected offices made in third quarter
    •   Voting for elected offices take place in fourth quarter
    •   New elected officials take office at the beginning of the first quarter
    •   If an elected official resigns or is removed before June 21st, then a special election is

      held to replace that individual; however, if an elected official resigns or is removed after June 22nd, then the administration will nominate an appointee which will then be approved unanimously by the council.

    •   Impeachment will be unanimous o Amendment to Charter

       No required vote for unopposed nominee. If someone objects to the nomination in open membership meeting, then there will be a closed meeting with the objector and the council. Council will then decide if the objection if valid or not. If invalid, the appointment is automatic. If valid, the nominee’s name will be placed on a ballot where write-ins are accepted, someone can circle abstain, or someone can circle “none of the above.”

      o Create Chairman of the Council for communication purposes:  elected chairman.

        Council & Administration Standardization

– Create an opening ceremony
– CAA reads minutes from last Administration meeting and last Council meeting
– CAA delivers treasury report
– CPR delivers sponsorship reports, relations with other organizations, and any new information regarding ASA and other affiliations

– CIA reports any matter on internal affairs and progress of planning of events

Council Agenda commences

 Suggestions from Membership
– Member suggested sending the finalized charter to be reviewed by a lawyer. Everyone at the meeting concurred.

– CAA asked that all questions regarding ASA be directed to council in open council meetings; council agreed.

 Next Meeting
– Next meeting selected as April 3rd, 2013 o Agenda

 Articles V and VI Revisions
 Google Docs Tutorial
 Code of Ethics Proposal
 Due Process Proposal

 Membership Application Form proposal
 Sponsorship Packages proposal


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