April 24, 2013 Council Meeting Minutes

April 24, 2013

Review of Minutes from Last Meeting

Public Relations Report from Rin
Rin reported updates to wordpress website. Lori mentioned that there were some typos and grammatical errors; Rin said she would fix those immediately. Rin confirmed with Lori changes to links and pages for local religious groups.

Internal Affairs Report from Sean
Shirts – Council decided to use local business to print shirts. Sean received an estimate from Lipari for approximately $178.00 pending design image quality. An extra $35 would be assessed if Lipari has to change format of logo. Council decided that shirts would be $15 per shirt. Sean received everyone’s shirt sizes.

Legal Report from Jarred
EIN number received from IRS. Waiting on Federal 501c3 approval and state incorporation approval

Budget Report from Jarred
Jarred donated $60 to file for state incorporation. Jarred donated $66.24 in brochures. Jarred donated $14.57 for a table cloth. Unable to open checking account until we raise $250.00. Also needed: 501c3, inc, etc. Eric reconfirmed that one board member and one council member must sign all checks. Jarred mentioned this was agreed upon and needs to be added to the charter.

Spiritual Spring Fling Annual Picnic
Games and crafts were discussed but pushed to next meeting. Council agreed to Rin’s schedule of events. Seven people needed to work the event and schedule to be displayed; no need to display rules for children.

Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics reviewed and voted on; Council approved Code of Ethics.

Revisions of Articles V and VI of original charter
*Add additional provisions regarding Membership voting power: Members vote on budget (any purchase in excess of $1,500), Any recurring expense exceeding $500 and a specified time limit, Approve the ability of the council to borrow any amount of money
*Rethink “organization affiliation” within membership.

Council requested the creation of self-auditing process and form
Next meeting: May 2nd. Next meeting solely on organizing Spiritual Spring Fling Picnic


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