May 22, 2013 Council Meeting Minutes

Jarred passed out the agendas, receipt for purchase and donation forms, code of ethics,minutes for the last meeting, and shirts. Sean brought membership forms. Jarred brought the ledger.

Jarred, Sean, and Kim filled out membership applications. Steve was offshore.

Attendance: Sean, Jarred, Rin, Kimberly, Eric, Lori, & Emmanuelle

6:50 Jarred reads minutes from last meeting; Jarred suggests starting the bank account

6:56 Rin shared PR details

Sean explained shirts. Lipari did not have an image with proper resolution, though we sent all the images we had. This increased the cost of the shirts. Shared receipts from Lipari. Anonymous donor paid for Sean and Lori shirts. Change in price, 17 to 20 dollars to increase profit and allow for slight increase in coat of shirts. Sean showed order forms for the shirts, and will hand out shirts at end of meeting.

Jarred shared the amount on ledger after all costs $71.00. Checks made out to ASA. Jarred will place the current monies and the remainder needed for the opening of the account will be donated by Jarred. Lori and Kim also donated money to this cause.

7:05. Jarred said state incorporation was approved. Just waiting on 501c3. Sean discussed application approval process: stamped with an A for approval or D for denied and his signature.

7:18. Discuss summer fling. Crafts, clothes pin and cans current balance $155. Jarred talked about the three year budget. Use the first year as a guide to predict the first year.

7:45. Jarred proposed selling water and candies at parades and such for extra money. Discussed cheaply obtaining drinks and the legalities of peddling at Lafayette events. Discussed donations forms and tex deductible donations. Purchase receipts as well were shown and discussed. Discussed Carbon Copies

8:00 discussed fundraising:
o Raffle
o Sell snow cones
o Vending at events/peddling
o Chilis fundraiser
o Cook off
o Whole sale license
o Donations from coke
o At cost from distributing company
o Donation box at events

8:10. Rescheduling the Spiritual Spring Fling. June 8, 10 to 2: No football or other Field games, too hilly.

8:15 by laws convention. At Jarred’s house, for completing the charter. June 18th, 10am until we finish

8:25. Next meeting will be June 5th. Wrap picnic up


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