June 5, 2013 Council Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Sean, Rin, Jarred, Emmanuelle, & Steve

Both Emmanuelle and Steve completed membership apps

6:50 Sean verified Emmanuel’s vending info.
Sean went over details of Spring Fling: job assignments and designated areas, lectures during lunch, reader’s in vending area, raffle (everyone brings gifts and grand, tickets, grand prize is half the pot)
Jarred updated info for spring fling on Witchvox; everyone brings books. Books for sale until 1:40 when unsought go into raffle winnings

7:10. Discussed candle lit vigil for Miles Perret Center and cancer victims. Buy candles at cost and sell at vigil. Notify Katc, end of November before last Downtown Alive.
Sean and Rin will contact Perret together.
Get multiple estimates on candle cost (order in bulk)
Making holders
Using down town for walk, where will it be to or from
Parc San Soci for permission for vigil
By gazebo, say prayers, sing songs

Graveyard clean up around All Souls’ Day. Cheap flowers for old graves. Ask permission from church that runs graveyard. Saturday Before on October 26. Find graveyards in acadiana

7:25. Jarred said budget is 170. Still waiting on 501c3

Raffle ticket winners give contact info and have two days to claim prize. Raffle at info booth.

Announced next meeting at Jarred’s house for bylaws workshop


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