July 24, 2013 ASA Council Meeting Minutes

The CAA read the minutes from the last meeting.

The CPR relayed information gathered from an AOC orientation held the day before.

  •  AOC can run a flyer on TV for us. AOC will even go so far as to create a flyer for us if we request it.
  •  AOC will run a 30 second to 1 minute ad  regarding an Asa event or any other PSA we desire to run.
  •  Once someone is a member, we can use their equipment for free.

The CIA explained a calendar he created relating all religious, educational, and social events known or hosted by ASA. We also discussed putting public rituals on this calendar.

We discussed ways to volunteer for Lights for Lagniappe and the grave yard clean up.

  • collecting luminaries
  • decorating the luminaries
  • compiling a list of materials
  • donating supplies
  • etc


CIA would like a schedule of proposed events before the end of the final meeting of each month.

The host of the potluck detailed his event. The date was changed to August 16th, 2013 at 5:00pm. Guests were instructed to bring a divination tool to share with others. The host named the event the Divined Dinner.


 PROPOSED: post phoning the 501c3 til after Lights for Lagniappe.

ASA is currently short on members. In order to boost our numbers, ASA members will volunteer at one event in Acadiana in their ASA shirts.

ASA can also have a fundraiser to raise 501c3 money, which is sorely needed.

A member volunteered to research whether we could solicit funds in front of Walmart in order to raise these funds

 ASA could hold a yard sale at jockey Lott. CIA will talk to jockey lot regarding reserving a lot, the cost of a space, set up times, etc.
The council meeting next week will be devoted to discussing how we will organize the event to be held at Jockey Lot.


CAA relayed the budget ($215) and went over minute changes to the membership forms.

It was suggested that at some point, ASA create a  phone tree; members will give their consent to add their number to this tree on the membership form.

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