July 31, 2013 ASA Council Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the last meeting were read by the CIA.

 Information pertaining to volunteering was read by the CPR. Members were asked to  notify the CIA  with regards to logging their hours. We also discussed how once a month volunteering will be done:

  • Once an event is identified by either a council member or board member, it will be posted to the facebook pages.
  • The poster and other members who wish to participate will set up a meeting time and place and attend the event together.

Member previously volunteering to research Walmart’s solicitation policy. said that she contacted Wal Mart. They no longer take solicitations in Lafayette, but they will contact the one in New Iberia and Broussard in order to see if they still allow solicitors on the premises.

Jockey Lot Fundraiser research:

The CIA relayed to all present that it costs $40 for lockable space 8am til 5pm Friday to Sunday; this is the cost for one weekend. It is $12-15 for a booth outside. Included in these prices is guaranteed parking. Availability varies at Jockey Lot. One must call to check availability of spaces the Sunday before one wishes to set up shop.

The CIA and another generous member may donate some profits to Asa from their jewelry sales at the Jockey Lot.
CIA discussed the ASA calendar. The August calendar was presented to the members of the council for their approval. A paper copy of this calendar will have addresses on back. The host’s address will not be online; instead, viewers will be notified to “email the host for the address”.

ASA publicizes events; as such, there a need to know of the events to be placed on the calendar no later than the second weekend of the month. Events will come with short descriptors when they appear on the calendar (if applicable). The CIA will put a reminder on the back of the paper copy of the calendar which reminds member to check Facebook for other events that may have been added after calendar was printed. The  CIA must be contacted to to advertise an event.

CIA discusses Tarot study night–listing Tarot night as co-op between ASA and Lafayette Pagans.

A council member raised the point that Tarot was never truly an organized event in the first place. The moderator of tarot said the format changes from time to time. This event in the community is not “owned” by any one group, and this spirit of camaraderie is one ASA should seek to uphold.
DECIDED: No name on tarot study, but word it in a way that reflects that it is a community event.

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