2013 Graveyard Clean up!

As many of you know, ASA would like to clean up an Acadiana cemetery in order to uphold some parts of our mission statement and continue to serve the Acadiana area.

Today, a few cemeteries were surveyed in Jeanerette and New Iberia. Most of them were very well kept: the grass was cut, there was no trash on the ground, and most of the graves had relatively fresh flowers on them. However, two cemeteries in New Iberia, St. Matthew and St. Paul, were in need of some TLC. We were directed here by someone in the area, who said it is usually in need of maintenance. I did survey a few other cemeteries in Lafayette and St. Martinville, but like the others, they were in good condition, so I did not take pictures. They were in the same condition (and the Jewish cemetery and the large cemetery in St. Martinville were in better condition) than Memorial Park Cemetery or St. Ed’s.

Tomorrow, we will continue to look at smaller cemeteries in the area (Cade, New Iberia, Lafayette) in search of a cemetery that may truly need our help. It seems like St. Paul’s is our biggest candidate currently. However, for full disclosure, I am providing a list of cemeteries that were visited today. Please tell us on our private Facebook page (which can be accessed by going to the public page and asking to be added to the private page)  which one you feel is in need of the most TLC! Check back in a few days…there may be more photos of other cemeteries!

If you know of a cemetery that needs cleaning, let us know! Tell us on the private Facebook page, and we will check it out!

Heavenly Rest
Jeanerette, LA
Very small, very neatly kept.
IMG_0981Heavenly Rest 3Heavenly Rest 1

St. Edward’s Cemetery
New Iberia, LA

Nicely kept as well!
St. Ed1 St.Ed2 St. Ed3

St. Peter’s Cemetery
New Iberia, LA

Pretty well kept up; sometimes needs new flowers, old flowers thrown away, or trash picked up. The grass is maintained relatively well here.

StPeter1 St.Peter2 St.Peter3

Memorial Park Cemetery
New Iberia, LA

Well kept up; I did notice that pine needles collected on the graves near the tree line though
Memorialpark1 memorialpark2 Memorialpark3 Memorialpark4

Last but certainly not….well, wait, it kinda is the least…

St. Matthew and St. Paul
New Iberia, LA

There is trash , the grass has been mowed but they are unable to weed eat around the graves, and many of the graves are dirty or in disarray.
Rose HIll1 Rose Hill2 Rose Hill3 Rose Hill4 Rose Hill5 Rose Hill7 Rose Hill 8


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