August 28, 2013 ASA Council Meeting

Objective 1:                                            6:56
The CAA read the minutes from previous meeting.

Objective 2:                                           6:58

The CIA reviewed this meeting’s agenda.

Objective 3:                                           

Plan Trinkets for Charity

CPR went over the current information and plans for this event.

DECIDED: We will make a flyer once the exact lot has been secured in order to advertise most efficiently, but preliminary ads have already been circulated on Facebook. We will load the trailer this Friday. The member donating his trailer for our uses will bring it to the CAA’s home, where  it will fit in his garage. We will begin packing it, and continue to do so throughout the week as people bring more donated goods.

Everyone will begin going through their things and creating a list of the items they are donating. Drop you items off during this week no later than Wednesday. One of the members volunteered to create an excel spread sheet to consolidate all lists.
Once at Jockey Lot, we won’t entirely unload the whole trailer; we will restock as things sell.
CIA and CPR will go this Sunday to secure lot.

Schedule of shifts: In order to protect members’ privacy, the schedule will not be posted here. To view the schedule of shifts or to sign up for a shift, please go to our Facebook website and email Jarred Breaux or go to the private group and click on the schedule under the “files” tab. You may sign up in the comments area!

Objective 4:                                            7:20
PROPOSEDRevise the date on which Sharing Circle is held.
CAA listed various different reasons for why Sharing Circle would be best moved:
Several community events already take place on Wednesday nights sponsored by the Acadiana Spiritual Association. Another community event, Tarot Study Group, which is sponsored by Lafayette Pagans, is also on Wednesday night. All Community Council meetings of the Acadiana Spiritual Association are on
Wednesday nights.There are also personal scheduling conflicts for Wednesday nights:

  • Department meetings are after work on Wednesdays for CAA.
  •  Belly dancing class is on Wednesdays for multiple ASA members.
  • Sierra Club meets on Wednesdays; members of Unitarian Universalist Church have expressed wanting to participate in
    Sharing Circle but it conflicts with Sierra Club.

DECIDED: Sharing circle was unanimously voted to be moved to the second Thursday of the month beginning in September. The next sharing circle will be held on September 12th. CAA has already checked and there is a room free for us at the library.

CAA will change the reminders on Lafayette Pagans and Google, and Facebook reminders will be changed as they are created.

Objective 5:                                            

PROPOSED: Revise the date on which D.I.V.E.R.S.I.T.Y. Night is held for September only.

The council discussed moving the next Diversity night to the second Monday with regards to the possibility of low turn out due to the first (2nd of sept) Monday being Labor Day.

DECIDED: It was decided to leave it as is, the first Monday of September.

Objective 6:                                          

Plan the ASA calendar for the rest of the year.


1: coffee cackle
2:  Diversity night
4: council meeting (compiling list for jockey in binder)
7 : jockey lot
8:  jockey lot
12: sharing circle and ASA board an hour before
18: Tarot
25: council meeting PUBLIC MEETING quarterly general members meeting; people announce running for office. Bios must be in by November 6.
29: Trivia — game
2: council meeting
6: Cackle
7: diversity
10: Sharing circle and an hour before- ASA board meetings
16: Tarot
25: council meeting
26: Graveyard Clean up
27: Trivia
3:Coffee Cackle
4: Diversity night
6: council meeting
14: Sharing circle
20: Tarot
24: Trivia
25: council meeting Bios for candidates will be read at this meeting
1: coffee cackle
2: diversity
4: council meeting (elections for ASA council and board)
12: Sharing circle
18: Tarot
20 to 22: Solstice trip
The CIA and a council member looked through the charter to try and find the date for the general meeting, but were unable to find the date. There was an inaccurate charter brought to the meeting. It was DECIDED that by the 25th of September people must either nominate others or declare their candidacy at the ASA council meeting.

The CPR will advertise for this meeting, and we will try to get a bigger room for this meeting (September 25th) as it will likely have more attendees.

Objective 7:                                           8:15

Plan Cemetery Clean-up Day.

DECIDED: Grave yard clean up–The CPR will research graveyards to service tomorrow and post them in the Facebook group.

There will be a “tutorial” at 8am on the 26th at meet up point to say what to and not to clean and present other general guidelines for this event. The cemetery will be visited the day before to note any graves that should be left alone, if there are trash cans, and any other vital information.As this event is planned by the Board, the general public and council will be kept up to date via the Facebook private group.

Objective 8:                                           8:20

Order more brochures.

PROPSED: Brochures have been handed out quickly, so it is now time to order more!

DECIDED: We will wait to order more brochures when we have more funds.  We will Make little card stock business cards in lieu of brochures to hand out publicly.

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