September 4, 2013 Council Meeting

September 4

OBJECTIVE 1: CAA read the minutes from previous meeting.
OBJECTIVE 2: CAA read an overview of the meeting agenda.

 Plan Trinkets for Charity. [60 minutes]
 Reports from administration. [10 minutes]
 Concerns of the Community Council. [10 minutes]

OBJECTIVE 3: Plan Trinkets for Charity. CPR

Meeting up:

Time and place to meet
At CAA’s house around 5:00.
  1. Load last minute items on trailer; debrief regarding procedures, including how to set up the     booth (Rough schematic will be presented). All present will sign in
  2.  Follow trailer to Jockey lot at NO LATER THAN 5:45.
  3. Once at Jockey Lot, set up booth with a “register” containing: calculator, money bag, pen, and a list of worker contact info (see “volunteer procedures” ), and a schedule of shifts.
  4. Once everything is set, the shiftworkers shall remain until their shift is over.
      The lot number we have will be presented, along with lot information
Setting up:

How we will display items?

Once we know the lot we have rented, we can create a schematic to be presented at Wednesday’s meeting. As we will also have a list of our inventory, we can organize our booth with regards to sections, and the logistics of a welcoming and organized display.
Creating a display which showcases ASA mission statement and where the funds will go
We can have a small sign or poster detailing:
 What ASA is
 Why we are important to the community
 Why we need our 501c3/why its important
 Our goal amount ($850) thermometer
 What the funds will go to (501c3 and excess will go towards Miles Perret fundraiser or
      Graveyard Clean up)
Make another sign that only says ASA BENEFIT

How we will keep track of inventory

As something is sold, write the name and selling price in the shift ledger. One ledger per shift.

having a yardsale for all unsold items:

When: suggested 2-4 weeks from the date of TforC
What will we do if we must set up and break down Saturday and Sunday:
Follow the same procedures for Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon
Volunteering procedures:
Collecting all shift-workers’ contact information:
All shiftworkers will be contacted and their phone numbers placed on a contact sheet which will remain permanently by the register. All board and council member numbers will also go on this sheet in case of an emergency
Appropriate dress:
jean, khaki, or other shorts/pants in good condition. Closed toe shoes.
ASA shirt or an equally nice shirt (we want to look business casual, possibly)

How shifts will be changed:

Sign in sheet to be signed
Procedure to be followed if someone does not make their shift and HAS NOT notified you of this (i.e., they are more than 30 minutes late for their shift without notification):
Call CIA first. if you cannot get in touch, Use the sheet to call someone else and see if they can replace the missing worker; highlight the shift that was missed on the schedule sheet and write whoever took their place as follows: Sub: X.

What to do if you can’t make your shift:

Please give  at least 12 hours notice if you cannot make it.
If you are unable to make it within the 12 hours preceding your shift, use the shift schedule on the facebook page to contact the person currently working, tell them of your situation, and attempt to find yourself a substitute.
Once you have obtained a replacement, call the current worker and have them follow the procedure above.
Discuss the possibility of “runners” who will advertise; hand out ASA “cards” and Trinkets “cards”
Who will create? CPR
The business cards with information on for what Trinkets for Charity funds will be used and the items we sell can be handed out when there is a lull in business
How to help customers:
accepting cash ONLY
How to be “helpful/friendly but not pushy” What to bring to your shift (if anything)
Water, a chair, your phone (anything else?)
Procedure for Handling making a sale:
  1. Thank the customer for stopping by.
  2.  Take the item from the customer.
  3. Using the shift ledger and pen, write the item and its price.
  4. Ask the price listed on the Inventory Sheet and on the tag. Please so not negotiate the price lower than 70% lower than the original price.
  5. If the customer attempts to bargain (whether they are ready to “check out” or not), please reference this sheet, and honor any notes on the individual’s inventory sheet (handed in by the individual). OVERALL, I feel we should not ask for less than 70% of the original value of the item (Discuss at meeting)
  6. Receive money from customer
  7. ALWAYS calculate change using calculator. Hand change to customer. Mark item off of inventory sheet with highlighter, noting whether it was sold for less than the asking price is applicable.
  8. Package item and hand to customer, and say a friendly goodbye, “Thanks for helping us to improve Acadiana!”
at any time, no more than $215 in them money box. At shift change, take money bag and the ledger and bring to CAA.
Picking up on Sunday
Who will count funds:
Atleast three people present (all must be board or council members) Where funds will be kept (cash bag)
Two people count independently, while a third adds the numbers.
Jockey Lot To-Do List:

1Create poster on ASA CAA and CPR

       What ASA is
       Why we are important to the community
       Why we need our 501c3/why its important
       Our goal amount ($850)
       What the funds will go to (501c3 & excess will go towards Miles Perret fundraiser or
           Graveyard Clean up)
2. Create cards to circulate with ASA info and info on booth CPR
3. Create schematic for booth once we have lot info (to be done at meeting) done
4. Create Supply list CAA
 Push pins
Sticky notes
Ice chest, water
Phone for photos
Sign in sheet
Power strip/extension cord
Duct tape
Donation jar
First aid kit
Lock box
Baby wipes
Paper towels
Hand sanitizer
Simple green or 409
5. Gather and create contact sheet for volunteers
6. Print Schedule of Shifts
7. Create Sign-in Sheet CPR
    Every shift las a ledger. Make ledger
8. Ensure that all individuals have directions to Jockey Lot/meet up spot on Friday.
9. GET EXCITED!!! We have come so far as a group!
10. Call lot to see if they can make change at the office.
11. Member will make donation jar.

OBJECTIVE 4: Reports from administration.
 Public Relations Report from CPR

        Make signs for graveyards to let patrons know we will be there.
 Internal Affairs Report from CIA

 Legal Report from  CAA
      o 501c(3)onstand-by until appropriate funds available.

 Budget Report from CAA
       o $215.00in account in cash.

CAA reported that we took out $40 from the account to rent a lot space, but then put it back in as the lot space was donated by Jockey Lot. He also exchanged our cash for 1s, 5s, and 10s.
General meeting suggested to be at the Shade Tree Cafe in Broussard La.
OBJECTIVE 5: Concerns of the Community Council. [councilors]
Contact current members regarding the Sept 25th meeting, at which candidacies will be announced or candidates nominated. Publicize!!
Agenda for next meeting:
Brainstorm for November meeting with bios: where, narrorator, etc. itenerary
AOC script brainstorm next meeting
Auction at Miles Perret instead of Raffle

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