September 25, 2013 General Assembly Meeting


Welcome address by CPR

The CPR outlined the mission and infrastructure of the organization.

The CIA addressed how one becomes a member and the process of nomination.

Benefits of membership include getting into workshops, receiving aid in becoming ordained, and increasing your ability to network with other individuals and groups of similar spiritual paths.

In order to become a member, one must pay membership fees, which are $20 for the year, or $30 for the year including an ASA shirt. These fees help ASA to pay for the services and benefits it provides its members and the community.

The CIA then outlined the process of nomination. Individuals must be present at the General Assembly meeting in order to nominate others.

Each nominee is required to present a biography and a list of their qualifications to the membership at the November 25th meeting. This information is due to the CIA in written form by the last meeting in October. It will be posted in the private ASA facebook page. Elections will be held at the November 25th meeting.

CAA updated the membership on the legal status and financial affairs of the organization.

ASA is currently state recognized; we are seeking a 501c3 for federal recognition. This document verifies us as a nonprofit organization. We will be able to donate and receive donations without tax burdens.

ASA effectively raised $264.60 at the Trinkets for Charity fundraiser for the 501c3 fees. We have a total of  $474.60 in the ASA account. ASA will have another fundraiser in October to raise the remainder of the $375.40 for the 501c3 fees. Any extra amounts raised will go towards the Lights for Lagniappe fundraiser.

The CAA also explained some the shared events hosted by ASA.

Diversity is held the first Monday of the month, sharing circle the second Thursday of the Month, and Trivia night is held the last Sunday of the month.

Address by the Head of the Council:

The head of the council outlined our accomplishments in 2013:

   -Creation of the by-laws

   -Promotion of current shared events and created events.

   -ASA has doubled membership

ASA has created many wonderful social events (such as Trivia, Divined Dinner, Spring Fling Picnic). On behalf of ASA, he thanked Starbucks in Broussard, Artmosphere, Shade Tree Cafe, and Jockey Lot in allowing us to use their facilities and realize our goals.

ASA has big dreams we seek to manifest. In order to meet these goals, we must Focus our efforts. This will be the responsibility of the council and the administrative board. Some of these goals include:

   -Having our own pride day with big name authors

   -Miles Perret Lights for Lagniappe

   -Increasing membership

Address by Council Member  regarding fundraising and volunteering:

Fundraising and volunteerism are the only ways ASA can meet its goals. Even one hour of time can have tremendous impact on the organization’s ability to meet its goals.

Council Member accepts nominations for the administrative board

CAA Leads Nominations for council

CIA outlines upcoming events

The Cemetery Clean-up will be held at St. Matthews Cemetery in New Iberia. Volunteers will meet up at Bouligny Plaza at 7:45 and move to the graveyard at 8am.

ASA is hosting a Winter Solstice Getaway at Poverty Point on the weekend of the solstice. There is a $30 per person price for the whole weekend.

The Lights for Lagniappe benefit for Miles Perret is projected to be held on March 22 of 2014. Most proceeds go to Miles Perret, and the remainder of proceeds go to members who have cancer (split 60-40, respectively). This fundraiser is our current focus. The creation of a PSA was discussed briefly, as was the food vendors who may be participating.


CAA announced that the next order of shirts will be placed within the next two weeks.

Two committees were created. A Five Year Plan committee was created to outline next five years of growth.

 A Lights for Lagniappe Committee was created to organize the Miles Perret fundraiser.


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