October 2, 2013 ASA Council Meeting

Objective 1: CIA read minutes from previous meeting



Objective 2: CIA read overview of meeting agenda


Objective 3: Indefinite proposal to order shirts

Members are beginning to order shirts that are not in stock.

Proposal: Council will allow the board to make orders whenever need be, if funds are available from the individual placing the order.

Decision: ASA will buy a limited, preordered amount of shirts that have already been paid for by members or customers. Bulk orders still run by Council


Objective 4:Set date for Lights for Lagniappe Committee to meet

Weather permitting, Shade Tree Tuesday at 6:00pm October 8th. South Side Library in the case of inclement weather on the same date and at the same time.


Objective 5: Set date for the 5 Year Plan Committee to meet

22nd of October, at Member’s home, 3:30pm


Suggested: fashion show fundraiser


Objective 6: Set a date to open ASA checking account

October 22nd, Teche Federal Pinhook branch in Lafayette. Meet there at 4:00pm. CAA will call ahead of time and make an appointment.


Council and board members attending should bring SS card and a photo ID. Board members will also bring binder containing ASA’s legal documents to this meeting.


Objective 7: Create AOC Commercial Script for L4L

Miles Perret centered.


PROPOSED: ASA will create a script and film a 30 second PSA for the Miles Perret Center.


The L4L (Lights for Lagniappe) committee will begin working on this script this week and next in order to raise awareness of the fundraiser and ASA. It will be filmed on the last or second to last Wednesday of the month of October  at 3 p.m. (which is the scheduled time for use of AOC’s facilities).



The PSA will outline:

-Mission of Miles Perret
-Mission of Lights for Lagniappe
-ASA’s mission

-How to donate and buy luminaries




Objective 8: Organize Cemetery Clean-up for St. Matthew’s

Saturday, October 26th. Meet at 7:45 at Bouligny Plaza, move to St.Matthew’s at 8.


Supply list uploaded by October 11th on the private Facebook group; as members collect supplies, please list what you have garnered!


We will:

Pick up trash

Trim around graves

Prune trees (CPR has some sheers, small hand held and large branch cutters)

Dust off graves with little hand held brooms


Call a week ahead and ask if we can leave flowers.


Objective 9: Organize Yard Sale fundraiser

PROPOSED:  ASA will hold a yard sale in Broussard at the home of Jarred Breaux on October 13th to raise the remaining funds for the 501c3.


Begin selling at 6:00. Sell until: Noon


Drop donations off no later than the Friday before the yardsale.  We don’t need many volunteers for this event. Two are already in place; any other volunteers are welcome!



501c3 funds are necessary and a 501c3 is necessary before we take any more steps.



Craigslist is free, thus the CAA will create a listing there to advertise. ASA will also run a quick quarter ad for $15.

6 signs will be made and donated by member.


Objective 10: reports from administration

All addressed under previous topics.


Objective 11: Council’s concerns


See if we can find groups to host at least four public rituals each year in keeping with our “spiritual growth” mission. Keep them general and flavor free to appeal to various practitioners. This topic will be discussed at Coffee Cackle this Sunday.


Proposed: place Picture of CIA, CAA, and CPR on WordPress site. Some think it should be by choice.


Decided: nothing will be forced on others; no pictures at this time to be posted.


Next meeting is the last Wednesday of October. Bios are due on the 23rd and should address the following:

-Why should you have position

-Personal practice

-How long you practiced

-Where you hail from

-What you hope to bring to org



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