October 23, 2013 ASA Council Meeting

October 23

Objective 1: CPR read the minutes from last meeting. .

Objective 2: The overview of this meeting is read by the CIA.

Objective 3:Proposal to change venue for ordering shirts.

Lipari quoted ASA a higher price for this order then our last order.
Proposal: order 6 shirts from T-shirts Unlimited at $7/shirt and $2/shirt if you supply your own shirt.
Lipari quoted us $225.00 for a minimum o f12 shirts; T-shirts Unlimited quoted us $128.27 for 12 shirts. We have three unfulfilled shirt orders for t-shirts, so it is imperative that we place an order sometime soon.

The Council inquired if extra large costs extra. Normally they do, however we have not asked T shirts Unlimited about this yet, but administration will do this soon.

Council proposed a contract for T-shirts Unlimited. ASA should ask them for a contract, and if one is not available we can draft one. They were very cooperative and eager to help us, so it is likely they will be willing to comply. The CIA will let them know we would like a contract before we place the order but we would like to use them.

Objective 4: Lights for Lagniappe Workgroup Update

The L4L Committee met on 10-8-13, a Tuesday at the start of October.

The committee created a script for a PSA. The council has also taken pictures for this media, but is still needs to take some more in order to create the PSA. They planned out a preliminary calendar actions to take during the year which will be revised as needed. They also outlined procedures for collections. The committee will begin soliciting bakeries for bags, creating flyers and sponsorship package info, and other information to be given to sponsors before November.

Objective 5: reassemble 5 year plan:
This committee meets tomorrow at 6.

Objective 6: Schedule another yard sale fundraiser

November 2nd will be the next fundraiser, from 8 am until noon.

The last yard sale only raised $83.00 due to inclement weather Saturday morning.
Whatever is left over from the November 2nd yard sale can be donated to ARC, SNAP, or Faith House, sold to an estate buy, or redivide among the contributors. Council decided to donate the remainder of goods to either ARC, SNAP, or Faith House if we cannot sell the rest of it at Jockey Lot.

We currently have $647.70 in the account.

Objective 7: Final preparations for the St. Matthews Cemetery Clean-up on Saturday

The supply list for this event was completed by a council member. It will be posted on the ASA private page; please review this list and state what you can bring in order to keep track of our supplies for Saturday.

Reviewed meet up time and place: 7:45 at Bouligny Plaza; then we will move to cemetery at 8.

Objective 8: Reports from Administration

Lights for Lagniappe, Yard Sale, Cemetery have all been discussed. New people are coming to events 🙂

Hellenic group–Pandoras Favor– will be making donations to non profits, and CIA would like to put our name in the pool for donations. Next month, we will be in the pool; donate through PayPal. We would need to make a PayPal account for ASA. Discussed fees associated with this account. There’s no fee for sending funds to others. PayPal account will only be used to receive funds.

CIA has an extra Square that we can utilize at our events. Discussed procedures for how Square is utilized.

Also discussed how many hits WordPress site has had since creation (1723) and each month (about 200). The most views the site has had in a day was 50. Facebook page has had 600 likes a week.

TECHE federal bank account opened on October 22nd. Council members decided on one signature to sign checks due to the budget constraints. Two signatures required a monthly fee which ASA cannot afford at this time. CAA proposes that an official decree be made and signed by two council members when any check is signed and the same two individuals sign the ledger. CAA also proposes the creation of “Purchase Order Requests” to be signed and approved by the two designated signatories. NSF protection. Free checks were given.

An amendment to the by laws must be made for these procedures.

We need budgets for the funds we do have. For example, outstanding shirt funds: there must be a budget outlining the amount and nature of these funds. Even though all funds are pooled in the account, ASA must delegate for what each group of funds will be used.

The ASA funds are now in this Teche Federal account.

Objective 9: Concerns from council

CIA proposed meeting at shade tree when weather permits. The Council has decided that this is a good idea, but during the part of the year when light is available later in the evening and the mosquitoes are not so bad. CIA also proposed refocusing on disseminating public ritual info.

Next meeting:

5 year plan meeting results
Lights for lagniappe
Garage sale
Cemetery results
Amendment to by laws


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