November 25, 2013 ASA Council Meeting

Objective 1: Minutes from previous meeting were read.


Objective 2: CIA read overview of the meeting:

Lights for Lagniappe Workgroup Update

5 Year Planning Committee Update

Dealing with Left Over Donations from Trinkets for Charity

501c3 Status Update

Winter Solstice Update

Reports from Administration

Concerns from Community Council


Objective 3: Lights for Lagniappe Workgroup Update

Discussed and decided that the Lights for Lagniappe benefit will still have food vending trucks the day of the event, but that luminaries will be sold only by ASA via the website, pay pal, and in person purchase orders. Also discussed garnering volunteers by contacting sororities, fraternities, schools and other charitable organizations like CKI, and the possibility of employers sponsoring luminaries for employees.


Objective 4: 5 Year Planning Committee Update

This committee has not met again since the last meeting, but they will meet soon in order to plan the 2014 calendar.


Objective 5: Donations from Trinkets for Charity fundraiser

CAA talked to a group the board and council thought would buy all donations for a flat rate; instead, this group simply donates them to another entity. Thus, ASA will pack and store the left over, unsold donations and donate them in January of 2014 to ARC of Acadiana. However, until this time, ASA will research the infrastructure of Arc in order to ascertain how donations will be used.


Objective 6: 501c3 Update

As we now have the funds, the paperwork is being polished. It will be filed at the end of the week.


Objective 7: Winter Solstice Retreat Update

A schedule of events have been created in conjunction with the Keepers of the Hearth, who are also going to be at the site that weekend. We (ASA and KOTH) must ask for permission to access the historical site before sunrise; we are currently in the process of doing this.

The schedule can be accessed in the Facebook group online. The group will leave promptly at 11:30 on the 20th of December in front of the Northgate Mall. CIA read the itinerary for all present.


Objective 8: Administration’s Reports

Lights for Lagniappe PSA has been shared by other organizations.

Adminstrators created a Facebook account titled “ASA Lafayette” to enable more efficient invites.

PayPal and other accounts will be set up soon.


Discussed a Day of Healing, which was a request from ASA members. Date was discussed, but will be put to a vote on the ASA Facebook page.


Objective 9: Budget Report from the CAA

Balance in account in $929.55.

There was another deposit of $12 from a few sales on the donated Trinkets for Charity merchandise.

A check was written for $70.72 for the shirt order, and another check will be written for $850.00 for the filing of the 501c3.

The remaining balance will be $20.83. However, we also need to order more brochures and repay a member who fronted the money for the first shirt order.


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