Unlocking Your Inner Truth: Eckankar Louisiana Hosts Biweekly Workshop

Louisiana Spiritual Experiences’ Meetup12651025_1225485177466727_2178718563817434429_n

On Sunday, February 7, 2016, Mrs. Anne Menard, an Eckist and leader of Louisiana Spiritual Experiences, hosted “Keys to Spiritual Truth,” the second workshop in an introductory series to the Eckankar religion. As an Eckist for over 30 years, Menard has a vast knowledge of intimate knowledge of Eckankar and its founder, Harold Kemp.

Citing Kemp’s book Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel, Menard discussed common religious experiences we’ve all had that are unexplainable through conventional means. “Sometimes you have an experience but don’t have the ‘experience’ to explain that experience or even relate to it,” says Menard.

From a pamphlet titled Spiritual Experiences Guidebook by Kemp, Menard cited a Pew Study which said that nearly half of all Americans have had some type of religious experience. Kemp went on to categorize different types of religious experiences people reported having: prophetic dreams, deja vu, near-death experiences or out-of-the-body experiences, inner lights, intuition, direct knowing, connection with all life, coincidences and amazing connections, miracles, healing protection, guidance, inner sounds, flying in your dreams, dreams that seemed real, dreaming in far off yet wonderful places, and relationships that are uplifting. Group discussion of the details of each experience followed and concluding with the singing of Hu.

The next workshop will be Saturday, February 27, 2016 at 3pm at the main branch library in downtown Lafayette. The workshop will teach participants to receive guidance from their dreams and past lives. Admission is free. Check the Louisiana Spiritual Experiences’ Meetup for more information.



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