Join ASA Today!


For only $10 a year, you can join the Acadiana Spiritual Association! Members receive lots of special perks, not only from the organization, but also from local vendors. Some have even offered up to 40% off services for ASA members!


  • Member Rewards Program: Earn points to receive free goods and services for attending events
  • Online access to “Members Only” area with exclusive list of local vendors, free webinars, suggested reading list, links to awesome shops and information, and much more
  • Exclusive invitations to social gatherings, formal dinners, book club, and free workshops
  • Book Exchange Program: Borrow spiritual books from participating members
  • Support from a diverse spiritual community
  • Leadership development opportunities through volunteering and helping plan events
  • Opportunities to make a difference in our local community
  • Ability to vote for officers and counselors as well as influence budget and policy
  • Exclusive offers and discounts from local venders
  • Assistance in finding spiritual counselors
  • Establish networking contacts and meet new people, specifically with churches, temples, covens, lodges, tribes, other religious organizations, or with solitary practitioners whom may fit your specific spiritual beliefs
  • Help with becoming a legally ordained minister of your own faith
  • Help with establishing your own church, temple, coven, lodge, tribe, and other religious organization


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