May Day 2016

MAY DAY 2016
A Celebration of Unity




  • Rhiannon’s Fire – the lighting of the fire done by the individual playing the role of the white witch, whom brings fire into the mundane world from the eternal flame. Lighting of this fire signals Rhiannon’s return and the return of spring.
  • Sanctus Ignis (Sacred Fire) – the lighting of the fire is done communally by everyone within the sacra orbis (sacred circle) as part of the casting of the sacred circle. Fire is brought in by each person (candles lit from Rhiannon’s Fire) and thrown into the Sanctus Ignis. The burn pile consists of wood brought from each person’s home as well as Prayers of Intention which are folded and put into the pit before the ritual.
  • Sacred Altar – altar which consists of a tray for everyone’s sacred objects (placed here before the ritual), a bowl of water, a bowl of salt, and sage (to be burned later).
  • May Pole – Children will dance around the May Pole in the returning of spring celebration.
  • Mundane Altar – altar which consists of the flowered crowns and the horned headbands.

**Everyone gathers around the May Pole forming a circle.**

Jarred:  We gather as individuals,
We meet as equals,
We honor the paths to which we’re called.
We respect the divine that dwells in us all.
Good friendships form here,
For we speak without fear,
We express freely with trust within these walls
And may acceptance echo through the halls
Whomever your gods may be,
We share love and accept thee!


Jarred:            The story of Rhiannon is one of many myths contained in the Mabinogion, a Welsh collection of mythology. Rhiannon was the daughter of a god, Heyvedd the Old, and she was set to marry Gwawl, another god. But Rhiannon was in love with Pwyll of Dyfed, a mortal man whose adventures are described in the first part of the Mabinogion. Rhiannon and Pwyll marry, and seem happy at first, until Gwawl comes down from the Bright World and tries to kill their newborn son, Pryderi. Rhiannon’s maids, unable to find the boy they were supposed to be guarding, cover Rhiannon’s dress with a puppy’s blood and accuse her of murdering her son. Pwyll, listening to his subjects rather than his wife, forces Rhiannon into a terrible punishment — she must stand on a block at the entrance to Dyfed and tell everyone that she is standing there because she killed her child. She must then offer all who enter the kingdom a ride on her back, as though she were a horse.  Seven years pass by. Eventually, Rhiannon’s friend and fellow goddess Branwen finds Pryderi living with a couple in the woods, and Rhiannon’s name is cleared. On Beltane eve, she emerges from the Bright World and signals a fire, letting everyone know she’s still around protecting all the children from being stolen from their mothers and fathers. And she takes her place again at the gate of Dyfed letting all the children into her place of refuge.

Today, each child will be given a crown of flowers, each of them becoming royalty of Dyfed. Standing at the gate of Dyfed, Rhiannon will witness the coronation, sweep the children away, and protect them from harm. Rhiannon then lights a fire, to signal parents that their children are safe.


Marie:             In the heart of a seed,

Buried deep, so deep,

A dear little flower

Lay fast asleep.

“Wake,” said the sunshine,

“And creep to the light.”

“Wake,” said the voice

of the raindrops bright

The little flower heard

And rose to see

What the wonderful

Outside world might be.


Jarred:            It flourished and blossomed

It smiled at the sky

Before long it was chosen

To serve before it shall die

Woven into a crown of flowers

Its roots shall reach young hearts

Seeded deeply in our souls

Thriving wildly in our minds


**Jarred moves to the Mundane Altar to bless the crowns and horns**


We bless these crowns of flowers and vine

To protect each child who wears them

May they bring happiness, joy, and laughter

May they comfort and bring peace by day


**Marie and Jarred will crown each child as May Kings and Queens, giving each one of them a blessing.**




**Brandon begins singing “Woman in White.” Jarred takes fire from the Connexus candle on the Mundane Altar and lights a torch held by Marie (torch taken from near the Mundane altar). Then, Marie gets the kids in order, holds hands with the children and walks them around the circle 3 times, then stop at the Rhiannon Fire. **


Brandon:        ♫ She came to me one morning

♫ One lonely Sunday morning

♫ Her long hair flowing in the midsummer wind

♫ I know not how she found me

♫ For in darkness I was walking

♫ And destruction lay around me

♫ From a fight I could not win


♫ Ahh Ahh Ahh, Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh


♫ She asked me name my foe then

♫ I said the need within some men

♫ To fight and kill their brothers

♫ Without thought of love or God 

♫ And I begged her give me horses

♫ To trample down my enemies

♫ So eager was my passion

♫ To devour this waste of life


♫ Ahh Ahh Ahh, Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh


♫ But she wouldn’t think of battle that

♫ Reduces men to animals

♫ So easy to begin

♫ And yet impossible to end

♫ For she’s the mother of all men

♫ Who counselled me so wisely then

♫ I feared to walk alone again

♫ And asked if she would stay

♫ Oh lady lend your hand outright

♫ And let me rest here at your side

♫ Have faith and trust in peace she said

♫ And filled my heart with life

♫ There’s no strength in numbers

♫ Have no such misconception

♫ But when you need me

♫ Be assured I won’t be far away


♫ Ahh Ahh Ahh, Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh


♫ Thus having spoke she turned away

♫ And though I found no words to say

♫ I stood and watched until I saw

♫ Her white cloak disappear

♫ My labour is no easier

♫ But now I know I’m not alone

♫ I’ll find new heart

♫ Each time I think upon that windy day

♫ And if one day she comes to you

♫ Drink deeply from her words so wise

♫ Take courage from her as your prize

♫ And say hello from me


♫ Ahh Ahh Ahh, Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh


**Marie lights the fire. The phoenix catches fire and takes off in flight, singling Rhiannon’s departure (as well as reminding us of her “fall” and rising from the “ashes”) The children are dismissed back to the center. Marie places the torch next the Rhiannon Fire (it remains lit) and then returns to her place between Rhiannon’s Fire and the torch (the gate at the veil between the two worlds)**

Kirsten:          ♫ Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night and

♫ Wouldn’t you love to love her?

♫ Takes to the sky like a bird in flight and

♫ Who will be her lover?

♫ All your life you’ve never seen

♫ A woman taken by the wind

♫ Would you stay if she promised you heaven?

♫ Will you ever win?

♫ She is like a cat in the dark and then

♫ She is the darkness

♫ She rules her life like a fine skylark and when

♫ The sky is starless

♫ All your life you’ve never seen

♫ A woman taken by the wind

♫ Would you stay if she promised you heaven?

♫ Will you ever win?

♫ Will you ever win?

♫ Rhiannon

♫ Rhiannon

♫ Rhiannon

♫ Rhiannon


**The Phoenix has been set free. Fire has returned to the earth. The earth shall be fruitful and merry.**




**Children will dance around the May Pole celebrating. Meanwhile upbeat, happy music will play.**




**A procession will be led from the Mundani Orbis to the Sacra Orbis.

  1. Marie leaves her spot next to the fire, circles round the Mundani Orbis until she reaches the Mundane Altar
  2. Marie picks up a candle at the Mundane Altar and continues her journey to the Rhiannon Fire around the edge of the Mundani Orbis counterclockwise.
  3. Marie lights her candle in the Rhiannon Fire (the torch next to it actually [6]) and walks between the twin flames. **The flames cleanse each person as they walk between them** Marie alone begins to sing “Out of Time & Place” as soon as she lights her candle. After she finishes the first verse, the next person lights their candle and both that person and Marie sing the next verse together. When the third person lights their candle, that person will join in song with the third verse. Out of Time & Place will continue to be sung until the last person lights their candle and enters the circle (and everyone will sing the last verse together). Marie walking around the Sacra Orbis between the twin flames, walks clockwise along the outside of the circle, and then stops at the Sacred Fire.
  4. Everyone gathers around the Sacred Fire. When all have gathered, everyone throws their candles in together (lighting the fire). Everyone holds hands at this point with Marie as the leader. Marie proceeds clockwise from the Sacred Fire around the circle (continuing along the outside). She begins to sing “Circle Within a Circle”. After the first verse, everyone joins in. Everyone follows Marie, entering into the Sacra Orbis once passing Rhiannon’s Fire. Everyone continue to follow Marie in encircling the Sacra Orbis.
  5. Marie arrives at her position as the Gate Keeper at the veil between the realms next to Rhiannon’s Fire. Everyone should be spread out around the circle.





Everyone:      ♫ This is a time that is not a time

                        ♫ In a place that is not a place

                        ♫ On a day that is not a day

                        ♫ We stand at the threshold between the worlds

                        ♫ Before the vail of the mysteries


**After the lighting of the Sacred Fire, every sings together “Circle within a Circle” together.**


Everyone:      ♫ We are a circle with within a circle

                        ♫ With no beginning and never ending




Jarred:            We greet the East, the sun will rise,

The force of air, the breath of skies;

We greet the South, intense and bright,

The strength of fire, to pierce the night;  

We greet the West, the rain and sea,

The might of water, comforts me;

We greet the North, the tree and stone,

The weight of earth, I’m not alone.

We greet the Heavens, the sun and moon,

The sight of light, no shade nor gloom;

We greet the Ground, here below,

The power of love, it shall bestow;

We greet the Center, source of life,

The fire of spirit, free from strife.


Everyone:      ♫ We are one in the Spirit, we are one of the Earth,

♫ We are one in the Spirit, we are one of the Earth,

♫ And we pray that all unity may one day be restored.

♫ And they’ll know we are Children of the earth, of the earth,

♫ Yes, they’ll know we are Children of the earth.


♫ We will walk with each other, we will walk hand in hand,

♫ We will walk with each other, we will walk hand in hand,

♫ And together we’ll spread the news that love is in our land.

♫ And they’ll know we are Children of the earth, of the earth,

♫ Yes, they’ll know we are Children of the earth.


♫ We will work with each other, we will work side by side,

♫ We will work with each other, we will work side by side,

♫ And we’ll guard each one’s dignity and save each one’s pride.

♫ And they’ll know we are Children of the earth, of the earth,

♫ Yes, they’ll know we are Children of the earth.


♫ All praise to the Earth, from whom all things come,

♫ All praise to the Earth, from whom all things come,

♫ And all praise to the Spirit, who makes us one.

♫ And they’ll know we are Children of the earth, of the earth,

♫Yes, they’ll know we are Children of the earth.







**Everyone faces the altar in the center and raises their hands.**


Jarred:            We call to the spirit of spirits

                        The divine power which provides us guidance and protection

                        We shall offer thanks and praise in a moment of silence

                        Each of us shall individually pray in our own way


**Crowd is silent for a moment praying in their own way to their own deities**


Rin:                 These are the words that we intone

                        Flesh to flesh and bone to bone

                        Healing powers do we send

                        In prayer for our brethren

(3 times; louder each time)


Everyone:      Ankh Udja Seneb (eternal life, prosperity, good health)


**Jarred approaches the Sacred Altar. He grabs the bowl of salt and says:**


Jarred:            This salt represents the earth

                        The Element of Earth is the essential matter

It is the most stable and fixed of the elements

It has no mobility whatsoever

It is passive but solid

Inflexible and concrete

It is ground and form

The material body of living things

The Earth is dry and cold

Formative and determining

It is structuring and materializing

It is the secure

The solid foundation of being

The ultimate physical body

Alone, it is dead and lifeless

Rigid and cold

Mere material without the trace of anything alive in it.


**Jarred then lifts the bowl of water and says:**


Jarred:            This water represents the spirit

                        It embodies primeval emotion and intuition

It is passivity and placidity

Receptivity and responsiveness

Water is fluid

Adaptive and pragmatic

It will always go the way of the least resistance

Changing its course at the slightest disturbance

With no outer influence, water won’t move


**Jarred takes the water and pours it onto the salt and says**


Jarred:            While Air and Fire ascend

The Water descends upon the Earth fixed below

Creating a cleansing elixir


**Jarred mixes the water and salt in the bowl with a quartz crystal**


Jarred:            Water and earth

Where you are cast

No spell or adverse purpose last

Remove from thee thy sickness

In the pool of health

From the crown of thy head

To the base of thy feet


**Everyone is invited to approach the altar, dip their fingers into the “holy water” and bless themselves as they see fit. Rin goes first, and then she begins to sing.**


Rin:                ♫ Beyond the night, a rising sun

                        ♫ Beyond the night, a battle’s one

                        ♫ A battle’s won


                        ♫ Fear and shame now in the past

                        ♫ Pain and sorrow gone at last

                        ♫ Gone at last


                        ♫ Circle renewed, peace will be found

                        ♫ Beyond the night, on sacred ground


                        ♫ River flows, led by the wind

                        ♫ Fire new breath, our journey begins

                        ♫ Our journey begins


**Moment of silence**





**Everyone has placed something sacred to them personally upon the altar before the ritual to be blessed during the ritual. Jarred takes the sage from altar, brings it to the Sacred Fire and lights it. Jarred returns it to the altar.**


Jarred:            Powers of divinity

                        Now and for eternity

                        Bless these charms here

                        These things which we hold dear

                        May they provide protection

                        Always and forever, in consecration

                        May they become a seat for each deity

                        And may they be a symbol of your piety


**Each person is again invited to the altar one-by-one to smudge their own sacred object with the smoke and the salt water. Meanwhile, everyone hums the tune of “We are one in the Spirit.” After each person is finished, they could take their sacred object or leave it there for the remainder of the ritual**




Rin:                 A jester of kindness to all that are here

                        We ask for affirmation be given to our seer

                        Tell us what has been accomplished in our ritual today

                        We hope they’ve found truth through our way

                        Now let us see

                        So mote it be


**Jarred starts shuffling tarot cards and chants**


Jarred:            Angels, Ancients, Ancestors, Guides

                        With me always by my side

                        Guide my hand by yours alone

                        Reveal what is not known

                        Let this reading be true and sound

                        Future revealed; hidden found

                        I pray for guidance and for sight

                        Protect me with your golden light

                        The cards are shuffled            (**A card is now drawn**)

                        The cards are dealt

                        The door is opened

                        The power felt

                        See through the cloud

                        And lift the shroud

                        Let me see with open eyes

                        Speak the truth; tell no lies

                        And when the future is revealed

                        Until nothing more is concealed

                        Speak not of vague and of mystery

                        But of fortune and of history


**The card’s meaning explained to the group by Rin**





Jarred:            Today we gathered as friends and acquaintances

                        We share our food, our love, and our experiences

                        Let us remember we are one in unity with the spirit

                        Many people; many traditions; one community

                        We thank the spirits whom dine with us this evening


**Exit music**


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