Board of Directors Meeting Agenda – 15 Feb 2017

asa-board-of-directors-sealThe second meeting of the Board of Directors of the Acadiana Spiritual Association is set to take place on February 15, 2017 at 7:00pm in the large meeting room at the South Regional Library in Lafayette, Louisiana. The Board of Directors meetings are always open to the public; however, only members can schedule to address the council. To schedule a meeting to address the council, contact the Vice President of the Acadiana Spiritual Association.

The agenda submitted to Board of Directors below:

  • Opening Prayer
    • We gather as individuals; we meet as equals,
      We honor the paths to which we’re called.
      We respect the divine that dwells in us all.
      Good friendships form here for we speak without fear,
      We express freely with trust within these walls;
      And may acceptance echo through the halls
      Whoever your gods may be, we share love and accept thee!
  • Attendance
    • Roll Call of the Board of Directors
    • Recognition of official members & sponsors in the attendance
  • Reading of Minutes from Last Meeting
    • Updating Gatherings/Meetings
      • Diversity continuing as 2nd Wednesday, 7pm
      • Board of Directors continuing on 3rd Wednesday, 7pm but changed to South Regional Library
      • Sharing Circle starting up again, 4th Wednesday, 7pm, main library
      • Spring Picnic set for March 11th, 11:30am – 2pm
    • Sponsorship Packages
      • 4 packages approved
      • Create a list of local businesses for test market targeting
      • Use money generated from test market to contact other businesses in March
    •  Appointments
      • Jarred Breaux as President, head of Budget & Legalities
      • Matthew Boudreaux as Vice President, head of Membership
      • Lori Landry as Treasurer, formerly known as Financial Observer
      • Jessica Libby as Secretary, head of record keeping
      • Kathy Frederick as new council member fulfilling empty seat
      • Larry Frederick as new council member fulfilling empty seat
  • Status of Organization
    • Louisiana INC Renewel soon; new officers to be updated to INC
    • 43 Official Members
    • 1,016 Individuals have joined our Facebook group in the past few weeks
  • Duty Requests & Appointments
    • Grant access to ASA WordPress to update Agendas & Minutes (for Matthew & Jessica)
    • Larry Frederick appointed as website administrator
    • Need individuals to take on the following tasks:
      • Events Director: scheduler recurring events such as emailing official paperwork to both libraries monthly (2 months in advance) and scheduling Diversity Night with local restaurants as well as other events as they present themselves
      • Public Relations / Marketing Director: someone going out and talking to local businesses about ASA, distributing brochures, business cards, and sponsorship packaging information
      • Official Events Photographer: someone to take pictures at all events to upload to the website.
  • Finance & Budget Report
    • Financial Status: $334.78
      • General Fund Account: $217.90
      • Advertisement Account: $52.10
      • Office Supplies Account: $0.65
      • Events Account: $57.23
      • Academy Account: $7.21
    • January Credit/Debit
      • Credit: 2 new membership signups
      • Debit: 1 Facebook Ad to promote Diversity Night
      • Debit: $29.60 in stamps for membership packets & sponsorships
  • Budget Transfer Request
    • Transfer $20 from general fund to advertisement (advertise February Sharing Circle & Spring Picnic)
    • Transfer $50 from general fund to office supplies (for ink, envelopes, etc)
  • Sponsorship Packages Approval
    • Approval  of list of local merchants for Test Market Mailout
    • Packets to include letter from ASA, brochure, and sponsorship packages flier
  • Events Promotion
    • Larry and Jarred have agreed to offer free tarot readings for “first timers” at ASA events. A sign-up form will be located at ASA events & meetings. Readings will take place on Thursday practice nights.
  • Spring Picnic
    • Southside Park on Saturday, March 11, 11:30am – 2:00pm
    • Advertisement strategy? Planning? Topics/Suggestions
  • DIVERSITY Locations
    • Jessica to present locations willing to give us a kickback
    • If none chosen, Lori suggests moving to Legends on Pinhook for March
  • Location & Times of Next Meeting
    • Next meeting date, time, and location to be determined; South Regional Library is booked for March 15. Proposed moving to Wednesday, March 29.

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