Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – Feb 15,2017



  • Opening Prayer
  • Attendance
    • Roll Call of the Board of Directors
      • Present: Jarred Breaux, Matthew Boudreaux, Kathy Frederick, Larry Frederick, Jessica Libby
      • Absent: Lori Landry, Emmanuelle LeBlanc
    • Recognition of official members & sponsors in the attendance
      • Travis Boudreaux, Nathalie Miller
  • Reading of Minutes from January 2017 Meeting
    • Read by secretary Jessica Libby
  • Status of Organization
    • Louisiana INC Renewel soon; new officers to be updated to INC
    • 43 Official Members
      • 30 in good standing; 13 not renewed
    • 1,016 Individuals have joined our Facebook group in the past few weeks
  • Duty Requests & Appointments
    • Grant access to ASA WordPress to update Agendas & Minutes (for Matthew & Jessica) – Council agreed 5 to 0; also extended to Larry
    • Larry Frederick appointed as website administrator  – Council agreed 5 to 0
      • Larry has already begun making updates
    • Need individuals to take on the following tasks:
      • Events Director: scheduler recurring events such as emailing official paperwork to both libraries monthly (2 months in advance) and scheduling Diversity Night with local restaurants as well as other events as they present themselves
        • Jessica will take care of DIVERSITY Night – Council agreed 5 to 0
        • Jarred will handle South Regional Library – Council agreed 5 to 0
        • Matthew will handle Main Library – Council agreed 5 to 0
      • Public Relations / Marketing Director: someone going out and talking to local businesses about ASA, distributing brochures, business cards, and sponsorship packaging information
        • Matthew taking over Public Relations  – Council agreed 5 to 0
        • Marketing Director position to be shared, for now. Revisit ASAP.
      • Official Events Photographer: someone to take pictures at all events to upload to the website. – Larry  – Council agreed 5 to 0
  • Finance & Budget Report
    • Financial Status: $334.78
      • General Fund Account: $217.90
      • Advertisement Account: $52.10
      • Office Supplies Account: $0.65
      • Events Account: $57.23
      • Academy Account: $7.21
    • January Credit/Debit
      • Credit: 2 new membership signups
      • Debit: 1 Facebook Ad to promote Diversity Night
      • Debit: $29.60 in stamps for membership packets & sponsorships
  • Budget Transfer Request
    • Transfer $20 from general fund to advertisement (advertise February Sharing Circle & Spring Picnic)
      • Jarred requests $25 for Sharing Circle and $25 for Spring Picnic advertisement  – Council approved 5 to 0
    • Transfer $50 from general fund to office supplies (for ink, envelopes, etc.)
      • Council approved 5 to 0
  • Sponsorship Packages Approval
    • Approval  of list of local merchants for Test Market Mailout
    • Packets to include letter from ASA, brochure, and sponsorship packages flier
      • Kathy to research window cling saying “I support Diversity” send with marketing packages
  • Events Promotion
    • Larry and Jarred have agreed to offer free tarot readings for “first timers” at ASA events. A sign-up form will be located at ASA events & meetings. Readings will take place on Thursday practice nights.
  • Spring Picnic
    • Southside Park on Saturday, April 29, 11:30am – 2:00pm (Changed due to conflicts with local festivals)
    • Event will be a May Day Celebration
  • DIVERSITY Locations
    • Jessica to presented several options:
      • March – Legends
      • April – Jason’s Deli
      • May – Panera Bread
  • Location & Times of Next Meeting
    • Next meeting date, time, and location to be determined; South Regional Library is booked for March 15. Approved moving to Wednesday, March 29.

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