Board of Directors Meeting Minutes (March 29, 2017)

  • Opening Prayer
    We gather as individuals; we meet as equals,
    We honor the paths to which we’re called.
    We respect the divine that dwells in us all.
    Good friendships form here; for we speak without fear,
    We express freely with trust within these walls
    And may acceptance echo through the halls
    Whoever your gods may be; we share love and accept thee!
  • Reading of Minutes from Last Meeting
  • Attendance Roll Call
    • Board Members Present: Jarred, Matthew, Kathy, Larry
    • Official Members: Chris, Carla, Travis
    • Prospective/Former Members: Jared, Diane
  • Status of Organization
    • Waiting for state to update INC
    • 45 Official Members / 32 in good standing
    • 1,118 in ASA Facebook Group; 2,551 “likes” on Facebook Page
  • Finance & Budget
    • General Fund Account: $151.66
    • Advertisement Account: $45.86
    • Office Supplies Account: $57.87
    • Events Account: $60.99
    • Academy Account: $7.21
    • Total: 323.59
  • Academy Updates
    • Larry has been working on a new curriculum for the Basics of Tarot course; proposed course would have a workbook created and published by ASA (worksheets created by Larry & Jarred) to minimize cost.
    • Jarred & Larry are meeting on Thursdays to discuss Tarot Courses and Curriculum
    • Current ASA Basic Tarot Readers Course to wrap up in May; Professional Tarot Readers Course to continue through Summer
    • Check with Beer Garten to do Tarot Readings for practice by Tarot students
  • Window Cling for Sponsors
    • 3×3 is $0.56 a piece
    • ASA Logo with “We support diversity”
  • Five-Year Plan Committee
    • Working on the ASA “vision” for the future; determine long-term goals of the organization
    • Get new people involving and setting new goals
  • Events
    • Spring Picnic Updates
      • May Day celebration
    • Diversity Night Updates
      • Young’s for April
      • Check with Sicili’s about hosting Diversity Night and offering 15%-20% back
    • Sharing Circle Updates
      • April meeting cancelled
      • Next Topic: Spirit of the Place – Religion and Spirituality of Modern American Culture, creating local spirit not based on ancestral heritage
  • Out Reach
    • Reach out to other organizations
  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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