ASA Board of Directors Minutes – 4/19/17


  • Call to Order                                                                                                             [Matthew]
  • Opening Prayer                                                                                                       [Everyone]

We gather as individuals; we meet as equals,
We honor the paths to which we’re called.
We respect the divine that dwells in us all.
Good friendships form here; for we speak without fear,
We express freely with trust within these walls
And may acceptance echo through the halls
Whoever your gods may be; we share love and accept thee!

  • Attendance Roll Call                                                                                                   [Jessica]
    • Board Members Present: Jarred, Matthew, Kathy, Larry, Jessica
    • Official Members: Travis, Carla, Chris
    • Prospective/Former Members: None
  • Reading of the Minutes from Last Meeting                                                         [Jessica]
    • Attendance Roll Call
      • Board Members Present: Jarred, Matthew, Kathy, Larry, Jessica, & Lori
      • Official Members: Chris, Carla, & Travis
      • Prospective/Former Members: Jared, Diane
    • Status of Organization
      • Waiting for state to update INC (Renewed April 3, 2017)
      • 45 Official Members / 32 in good standing
      • 1,118 in ASA Facebook Group; 2,551 “likes” on Facebook Page
    • Finance & Budget
      • General Fund Account: $151.66
      • Advertisement Account: $45.86
      • Office Supplies Account: $57.87
      • Events Account: $60.99
      • Academy Account: $7.21
      • Total: 323.59
    • Academy Updates
      • Larry has been working on a new curriculum for the Basics of Tarot course; proposed course would have a workbook created and published by ASA (worksheets created by Larry & Jarred) to minimize cost.
      • Jarred & Larry are meeting on Thursdays to discuss Tarot Courses and Curriculum
      • Current ASA Basic Tarot Readers Course to wrap up in May; Professional Tarot Readers Course to continue through Summer
      • Check with Wurst Biergarten to do Tarot Readings for practice by Tarot students
    • Window Cling for Sponsors
      • 3×3 is $0.56 a piece
      • ASA Logo with “We support diversity”
    • Five-Year Plan Committee
      • Working on the ASA “vision” for the future; determine long-term goals of the organization
      • Get new people involving and setting new goals
    • Events
      • Spring Picnic Updates
        • May Day celebration
      • Diversity Night Updates
        • Young’s for April
        • Check with Sicili’s about hosting Diversity Night and offering 15%-20% back
      • Sharing Circle Updates
        • April meeting cancelled
        • Next Topic: Spirit of the Place – Religion and Spirituality of Modern American Culture, creating local spirit not based on ancestral heritage
    • Out Reach
      • Reach out to other organizations; tabled for next meeting
  • Status of Organization                                                                                             [Jarred]
    • 32 Offical Members; 13 Former Members
      • Out of Area Members – members without voting rights; only people in Acadiana have voting rights
    • 1,394 in ASA Facebook Group; 2,566 “likes” on Facebook Page
  • Finance & Budget                                                                                                          [Lori]
    • General Fund Account: $136.66
      • $15.00 spent on INC Renewal
    • Advertisement Account: $45.86
    • Office Supplies Account: $44.26
      • $13.61 spent on envelopes from Office Depot
    • Events Account: $60.99
    • Academy Account: $7.21
    • Total: 294.99
  • Diversity Night Updates                                                                                        [Jessica]
    • Jessica has secured Pizza Artista for Wednesday, May 10
    • Jordan at Pizza Artista fundraiser will be all day; 20% all day
    • 200 free flyers printed by them given to us
    • Diversity Night moved to 5:30pm
    • Day of, try to get people out there earlier to hand out flyers
  • Public Website and Private Members’ Section of Website              [Jarred & Larry]
    • Remove list of local businesses from public resources page and move it to members section
      • Only sponsors on public page
      • Full confirmed list on members’ only page and sponsors highlighted
      • List of vendors would include addresses/contact info as well as inventor suggested by members
        • Inventory allowed to be “rated” by members; 0 stars not available, 5 stars excellent
    • New private group Facebook
      • Super private, only 32 paying members
      • Only admins can approve members
      • Send out warnings
    • Bios needed: only Jarred, Matthew (edited), & Kathy (needs to be posted) submitted
    • Continue working on Members’ Section
      • Larry suggest making it more user friendly
    • Continue updates on public website
  • Spring Picnic Final Preparations                                                                       [Matthew]
    • Push advertising; members encouraged to invite friends
    • Public May Day/Beltane Ritual? Shortened version of last year’s ritual
      • Public ritual is a go
    • May pole?
      • Chris make base for May Pole
    • Bring
      • Chris/Carla: BBQ pit & potato salad
      • Jarred: Charcoal
      • Bring stuff to share if you like
  • Window Cling
    • Send out with new memberships/new sponsors
    • $0.56 per Logo; sell for $1 for extras
    • Approved design
  • Outreach                                                                                                                           [Carla]
    • How do we get the word out about ASA?
      • Make flyers and hit up ULL (made by Kathy & printed by Carla)
        • 4th of a page flyers & half page flyers
        • Bookmarks
          • ASA Logo
        • Put up ASA flyers at places, such as Gypsy Market
        • Put ASA flyers on cars in parking lots
      • Where to put out brochures? Should we print more brochures?
      • Should we print Window Clings for Sponsors or wait?
    • How do we get people involved?
      • Reach out to liberal Christian churches? (i.e. Disciples Bayou Christian Church, UU Church, etc) Reach out to the Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist Temples?
      • Follow up with Wurst Biergarten about doing Tarot Night there
        • Larry tried calling Wurst Biergarten; no info on stall price. Follow up soon. Free readings; donations to ASA.
    • How do we get sponsors?
      • No response from mailouts yet.
      • Follow up phone calls. – Carla
      • Follow up visits. – Jessica
  • Five Year Plan
    • Live group on Facebook; add ideas
    • Committee could look at viable ideas; committee meets regularly just to talk about 5 year plan
  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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