ASA Board of Directors Minutes – 5/17/17


  • Call to Order                                                                                                             [Matthew]
  • Opening Prayer                                                                                                       [Everyone]

We gather as individuals; we meet as equals,
We honor the paths to which we’re called.
We respect the divine that dwells in us all.
Good friendships form here; for we speak without fear,
We express freely with trust within these walls
And may acceptance echo through the halls
Whoever your gods may be; we share love and accept thee!

  • Attendance Roll Call                                                                                               [Matthew]
    • Council Members: Lori, Jarred, Matthew, Larry, & Kathy
    • Members Present: Carla, Chris, Travis, and Natalie
    • Perspectives/New People:
  • Reading of the Minutes from Last Meeting                                                     [Matthew]
    • Status of Organization
      • Official Members; 13 Former Members
        • Out of Area Members – members without voting rights; only people in Acadiana have voting rights
      • 1,394 in ASA Facebook Group; 2,566 “likes” on Facebook Page
    • Finance & Budget                                                                                                          
      • General Fund Account: $136.66
        • $15.00 spent on INC Renewal
      • Advertisement Account: $45.86
      • Office Supplies Account: $44.26
        • $13.61 spent on envelopes from Office Depot
      • Events Account: $60.99
      • Academy Account: $7.21
      • Total: 294.99
    • Diversity Night Updates                                                                                        
      • Jessica has secured Pizza Artista for Wednesday, May 10
      • Jordan at Pizza Artista fundraiser will be all day; 20% all day
      • 200 free flyers printed by them given to us
      • Diversity Night moved to 5:30pm
      • Day of, try to get people out there earlier to hand out flyers
    • Public Website and Private Members’ Section of Website            
      • Remove list of local businesses from public resources page and move it to members section
      • Only sponsors on public page
      • Full confirmed list on members’ only page and sponsors highlighted
      • List of vendors would include addresses/contact info as well as inventor suggested by members
      • Inventory allowed to be “rated” by members; 0 stars not available, 5 stars excellent
      • New private group Facebook
      • Super private, only 32 paying members
      • Only admins can approve members
      • Send out warnings
      • Bios needed: only Jarred, Matthew (edited), & Kathy (needs to be posted) submitted
      • Continue working on Members’ Section
      • Larry suggest making it more user friendly
      • Continue updates on public website
    • Spring Picnic Final Preparations                                                                       
      • Push advertising; members encouraged to invite friends
      • Public May Day/Beltane Ritual? Shortened version of last year’s ritual. Public ritual is a go. Chris make base for May Pole; Jarred bring old May Pole from last year. Supplies: Chris/Carla: BBQ pit & potato salad; Jarred: Charcoal: and Bring stuff to share if you like
    • Window Cling
      • Send out with new memberships/new sponsors
      • $0.56 per Logo; sell for $1 for extras
      • Approved design
    • Outreach                                                                                                                  
      • How do we get the word out about ASA?
        • Make flyers and hit up ULL (made by Kathy & printed by Carla)
          • 4th of a page flyers & half page flyers
        • Bookmarks with ASA Logo
        • Put up ASA flyers at places, such as Gypsy Market
        • Put ASA flyers on cars in parking lots at Whole Foods and places
        • Where to put out brochures? Should we print more brochures?
        • Should we print Window Clings for Sponsors or wait?
      • How do we get people involved?
        • Reach out to liberal Christian churches? (i.e. Disciples Bayou Christian Church, UU Church, etc) Reach out to the Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist Temples?
        • Follow up with Wurst Biergarten about doing Tarot Night there
          • Larry tried calling Wurst Biergarten; no info on stall price. Follow up soon. Free readings; donations to ASA.
        • How do we get sponsors?
          • No response from mailouts yet.
          • Follow up phone calls. – Carla
          • Follow up visits. – Jessica
        • Five Year Plan
          • Live group on Facebook; add ideas
          • Committee could look at viable ideas; committee meets regularly just to talk about 5 year plan
  • Status of Organization                                                                                              [Jarred]
    • 29 official members
    • Memberships Lapsing: Many members have not renewed membership. Several have specifically edited their PayPal settings not to renew ASA.
  • Finance & Budget                                                                                                            [Lori]
    • General Fund: $148.19
    • Advertisement Fund: $53.89
    • Office Supplies Fund: $16.05
    • Events Fund: $68.52
    • Academy Fund: $7.21
    • TOTAL: $293.86
  • Secretary of the Board of Directors                                                                   [Matthew]
    • Resignation of Secretary
      • Jessica is resigning due to employment transfer out of the area
    • Nominations for Replacement:
      • Carla has been suggested by several board members
      • Carla nominated to ASA Board of Directors
  • Events Discussion
    • Diversity Night Social Fundraiser @ Pizza Artista                                       [Jessica]
      • How much money was made? About $36
      • Fundraiser raised about $1 per person.
      • Site of future location?  Young’s in June
    • Beirgarten Update                                                                                                 [Larry]
      • Questions on whether our EIN number was used by someone illegally for charitable donations.
      • Send out message to other organizations: We have become aware that former members may have used our organization’s name for fraudulent activity. If you have been contacted by anyone from our organization, please verify with our secretary the legitimacy of the contact.
  • Fundraising Opportunities                                                                                         [Carla]
    • Yankee Candle
      • We get 40% off every sale. They give us all the brochures we need. Online sales will last the entire fundraising season. Online orders are shipped directly to the buyer. 21 to receive orders. No money needed to ship orders in.
    • Crafts Booths @ Farmer’s Market
      • Give a booth if you are a non-profit. Cannot sell anything.
      • If someone gets a booth, we could sell stuff and hand out ASA stuff.
    • Yard Sale
    • Plate Lunch Sale
      • Food donated by places
      • Look up info into food vending licensing
  • Continuing Outreach                                                                                              [Matthew]
    • Summer Workshops & Events
      • Proposed “Intro to Tarot” Workshop (sometime in July)
      • Energy Workshop
    • Divination Dinner   
      • Dinner Event with Tarot Card readers
      • Saturday, June 24 @ 6:00 pm
      • Members only plus one guest
      • Potluck @ Jarred’s House
  • Member Benefits                                                                                                         [Larry]
    • What is in it for the members?
    • New things on the website
    • Let people know there is statewide membership
    • Ask people what they are interested in seeing
    • Look up new merchandise to sell
  • Charity Work                                                                                                           [Matthew]
    • Adopt a new cemetery for October Cemetery Clean Up – Jarred and Matthew will look around this summer for new cemeteries to adopt.
    • Partner with local churches/temples/orders with charity drives
      • Participate in a marathon together
    • Other ideas
  • Window Clings
    • Larry and Kathy will donate 100 clings
    • Artwork and color ready
  • Five Year Plan
    • June 10 @ 2pm, Meeting at Barnes & Noble Cafe
  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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