ASA Board of Directors Agenda – 6/21/17


  • Call to Order                                                                                                             [Matthew]
  • Opening Prayer                                                                                                       [Everyone]

We gather as individuals; we meet as equals,
We honor the paths to which we’re called.
We respect the divine that dwells in us all.
Good friendships form here; for we speak without fear,
We express freely with trust within these walls
And may acceptance echo through the halls
Whoever your gods may be; we share love and accept thee!

  • Attendance Roll Call                                                                                               [Matthew]
  • Reading of the Minutes from Last Meeting                                                     [Carla]
    • Status of Organization                                                                                     
      • 29 official members
      • Memberships Lapsing: Many members have not renewed membership. Several have specifically edited their PayPal settings not to renew ASA.
    • Finance & Budget                                                                                                  
      • TOTAL: $293.86
    • Secretary of the Board of Directors                                                                   
      • Resignation of Secretary
        • Jessica is resigning due to employment transfer out of the area
        • Carla has been suggested by several board members
        • Carla nominated to ASA Board of Directors
    • Events Discussion
      • Diversity Night Social Fundraiser @ Pizza Artista                                       
      • How much money was made? About $36 
      • Fundraiser raised about $1 per person.
      • Site of future location?  Young’s in June
    • Beirgarten Update                                                                                                 
      • Questions on whether our EIN number was used by someone illegally for charitable donations.
      • Send out message to other organizations: We have become aware that former members may have used our organization’s name for fraudulent activity. If you have been contacted by anyone from our organization, please verify with our secretary the legitimacy of the contact.
    • Fundraising Opportunities                                                                                         
      • Yankee Candle – We get 40% off every sale. They give us all the brochures we need. Online sales will last the entire fundraising season. Online orders are shipped directly to the buyer. 21 to receive orders. No money needed to ship orders in.
      • Crafts Booths @ Farmer’s Market
        • Give a booth if you are a non-profit. Cannot sell anything.
        • If someone gets a booth, we could sell stuff and hand out ASA stuff.
      • Yard Sale
      • Plate Lunch Sale – Food donated by places & Look up info into food vending licensing
    • Continuing Outreach                                                                                             
      • Summer Workshops & Events
        • Proposed “Intro to Tarot” Workshop (sometime in July) & Energy Workshop
      • Divination Dinner   
        • Dinner Event with Tarot Card readers
        • Saturday, June 24 @ 6:00 pm
        • Members only plus one guest
        • Potluck @ Jarred’s House
    • Member Benefits                                                                                                        
      • New things on the website. Let people know there is statewide membership. Ask people what they are interested in seeing. Look up new merchandise to sell
    • Charity Work                                                                                                           
      • Adopt a new cemetery for October Cemetery Clean Up – Jarred and Matthew will look around this summer for new cemeteries to adopt.
      • Partner with local churches/temples/orders with charity drive. Participate in a marathon together
    • Window Clings
      • Larry and Kathy will donate 100 clings. Artwork and color ready
    • Five Year Plan
      • June 10 @ 2pm, Meeting at Barnes & Noble Cafe
  • Status of Organization [Jarred]
    • 29 Official Members
    • 2 New Member sign ups this week
  • Budget [Lori]
    • General Fund: $192.96
    • Advertisement: $36.42
    • Office Supplies: $11.94
    • Events: $76.05
    • Academy: $7.21
    • TOTAL: $324.57
  • Issue Certificates for Tarot Class Completion [Matthew]
    • Certificates handed to each member who completed the Tarot Card Reading class
  • Fundraiser Selection  [Carla]          
    • Many fundraiser options have been proposed
    • Chose a fundraiser to raise funds for projects next year
  • Induction Ceremony Proposal [Jarred]
    • Create an “Oath of Office” for council members
    • Create a formal induction ceremony for council members and have them recite the oath of office
  • Change of Meeting Times Proposal [Lori]
    • Change of Board of Directors Meeting Times from 7pm – 9pm to 6pm – 8pm
  • Annual Retreat Options           [Jarred]
    • Recent discussion hosting another retreat and/or a metaphysical convention
    • If local, possible supporters may be Yoga Studios, local holistic healing centers, and other metaphysical shops
    • Venue: somewhere with open space for vendors and smaller rooms for workshops & presentations
    • All workshops would be FREE and in exchange, we would offer discounted/free vending space to those presenters
  • Outreach Proposal                [Jarred]
    • Creation of an Interfaith Council of Minor Spiritualities
    • Invite local temples/synagogues/mosques/covens/churches to an interfaith panel specifically for non-mainstream faiths (i.e. alternative to Catholic or major religion).
    • One chair for each group/organization
    • Hosted by us at the main library in place of a Sharing Circle night. August 23?
    • Topics of conversation:
      • What spiritually unites all these different spiritualities? Is there common ground from which we all can work?
      • Do you believe that there is no “one right religion” or do you believe your religion is the only “right” religion?

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