ASA Board of Directors Agenda – 7/17/17


  • Call to Order                                                                                                             [Matthew]
  • Opening Prayer                                                                                                       [Everyone]

We gather as individuals; we meet as equals,
We honor the paths to which we’re called.
We respect the divine that dwells in us all.
Good friendships form here; for we speak without fear,
We express freely with trust within these walls
And may acceptance echo through the halls
Whoever your gods may be; we share love and accept thee!

  • Attendance Roll Call                                                                                                     [Carla]
  • Reading of the Minutes from Last Meeting                                                           [Carla]
  • Status of Organization                                                                                              [Jarred]
    • 26 Official Members
    • 1 New Member sign up this week
    • 4 Memberships expired without renewal
  • Budget                                                                                                                                [Lori]
    • General Fund: $204.25
    • Advertisement: $27.71
    • Office Supplies: $34.52
    • Events: $87.34
    • Academy: $7.21
    • TOTAL: $361.03
  • Responsibilities of Board of Directors                                                                 [Jarred]
    • In December 2016, it was decided that responsibilities of the Board of Directors would be outlined and procedures developed to handle when those responsibilities are not met; this topic has not been revisited since and no procedures have been developed.
    • Proposal 1: Outline the qualifications for running for the Board of Directors
    • Proposal 2: Outline the general responsibilities of the Board of Directors (i.e. attend board meetings, etc)
    • Proposal 3: Develop procedure in dealing with a board member who has neglected their duties (including a removal and replacement process)
  • Term Lengths of Board of Directors Members                                                  [Jarred]
    • Proposal: Change term lengths of individuals holding seats on the board of directors from 1-year terms to 3-year terms.
    • Rationale: It has been discussed previously that we spend a quarter of the year focused on re-elections and how elections will be held rather than on the organization itself.
    • Once approved by the Board of Directors, this proposal will then need to pass a referendum of the members (September 20, 2017).
  • 5 Year Plan Committee                                                                                         [Matthew]
    • The 5 Year Plan Committee has come up with the following ideas for the organization:

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