ASA logo 6The Acadiana Spiritual Association (ASA) is a group of individuals who practice alternative spiritualities which ascribe to common values and goals for the betterment of themselves and their local religious, social, political, familial, and work communities. ASA defines alternative spiritualities as any tribal/indigenous, classical polytheistic, neopagan, reconstructivist, or intrapersonal spirituality.

Our  motto, “Nos devoirs sacrés” (Our sacred duty),  emphasizes our dedication to service and community while fostering spiritual growth. The intent of this organization is to (1) raise funding for public events, (2) be a public voice for all alternative religions, (3) get involved in civil rights issues in the community, (4) actively recruit more individuals in our community through awareness, (5) educate the community through workshops, lectures, and symposiums, (6) create a public space to use for rituals, weddings, banquets, and meetings, and (7) establish charity and volunteer organizations to help those in need.

ASA hosts several events each month which are free and open to the public. ASA also sponsors other events, such as public rituals or ceremonies, social gatherings, and workshops that are not organized by ASA.

Acadiana Spiritual Association is an open forum for non-mainstream/alternative religions in the Lafayette, Louisiana area. Practitioners of both eastern and western spiritualities, including but not limited to Adepts, Alts, Asatruars, Autodidacts, Autowriters, Buddhists, Ceremonial Magicians, Chaotes, Dabblers, Discordians, Druids, Erisians, Fnordians, Freethinkers, Fringe, Gnostics, Gypsies, Heathens, Hedge Witches, Hedonists, Hellenics, Hermeticists, Holistic healers, Irabs, Kemetics, Kitchen Witches, Magans, Magis, Magicians, Magicals, Memeticists, Mystics, Neo-Kemetics, Neo-Pagans, Ogdoadics, Pagans, Pagan-friendly peers, Psychics, Qabalists, Reiki practitioners, Romanis, Seekers, Shamans, Sheya, Sorcerers, Spiritualists, Students, Tantrics, Tarot readers, Thelemites, Theosophists, Theurgics, Wiccans, Wyrd Folk, and Voodoo, are welcomed. Topics of discussion involve paganism, tarot, magick, ritual, symbolism, etc. The primary focus area is Lafayette, Louisiana and the surrounding areas of New Iberia, Abbeville, and Opelousas.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    Do I have to sign up for the meeting on the 22nd at library ahead of time? I was googling trying to find like minded people and your info came up.

    I will love to attend. Thanks


    • Hi Emily!! I don’t know if you’ve gotten an answer yet – but no need to sign up!! Just drop on by to any of the meetings that interest you! Our Facebook group is also much more active than the blog – feel free to drop by there as well! Hope to see you soon!

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