2013 Graveyard Cleanup

St. Paul’s Cemetery Clean-Up!

Rose Hill 8

Date: Saturday, October 26th, 2013
Rose Hill7Time: 8am to 12 noon
Where: St. Paul’s Cemetery
Fulton Street
New Iberia, LA

All Souls Day is a Roman Catholic Feast (although it is celebrated by some  Anglican churches as well) which remembers all those who have passed away but are still awaiting entrance into heaven.

On this day, November 2nd, it is a custom for practitioners to decorate the graves of their loved ones who have passed on.
This Catholic feast day falls near a Celtic feast day, Samhain. Samhain is a pagan festival which honors the dead. While they may not fall near All Souls Day or Samhain, there are a large number of practicing witches, pagans, or spiritual individuals who celebrate the lives of those who have lived at some point during the year. These days of remembrance can be solemn or joyful, and their celebrations can be simple or complex. Either way, loving and remembering the ones who have passed away is a part of the human experience most people can relate to and bond over.

Rose Hill3As such, ASA hopes to bring the community together in a shared human experience by cleaning the St. Paul’s Cemetery in New Iberia, LA for the decorations that will come on November 2nd.

On Saturday, October 26th, ASA will clean the graves of those who have passed as a community and spiritual service! Please join us for this day of coming together in remembrance and celebration of the lives of our loved ones.
Please check back for further details! Check the Facebook page for volunteer sign up and info in the future as well!


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