Trinkets for Charity II


At our last fundraiser, we managed to raise $256!! But we need a few more funds!

We will be having another yard sale to raise the remaining $584. It will be held October 19th, from 6 am until noon!


See the flyer for more details!Trinkets yard sale



Why does ASA need a 501c3?

A 501c3 allows ASA to become a federally recognized, tax exempt non-profit organization. Currently, we are recognized as such by the state of Louisiana, but not the federal government.

A 501c3 lends credibility and legitimacy to our organization. It allows us access to other resources available to non profit organizations and allow the funds we raise or are donated to be tax free.

Some of the resources available to non profits with a 501c3 are:

  • Banking benefits: many banks offer accounts at reduced amounts or free of charge to non-profits
  • Advertising benefits: many business, television stations, publications, and radio stations offer reduced rates for advertising or offer it free of charge.
  • Donations: When business know that we are recognized at the federal and state level as a non-profit, they are more likely to offer us support, services, or donations. These services will allow us to serve Acadiana more efficiently. For example, ASA hopes to find little white bags to be used in making our luminaries for the Lights for Lagniappe benefit for the Miles Perret Center. A 501c3 would legitimize our efforts and make some businesses more willing to contribute to our efforts in obtaining these materials.
  • Fundraising: we need this 501c3 not only to be tax exempt, but also to allow us access to awesome fundraising opportunities. For example, various restaurants in the area (i.e. Chili’s and Canes) allow non-profits to work in house OR hand out coupons in front of the establishment and keep the profits for their uses.

For what willASA use the funds they raise?

  • Lights for Lagniappe will benefit the Miles Perret Center, which provides services to those fighting Cancer in our area. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $10,000.
  • Annual Cemetery Clean ups will clean dirty or unkempt cemeteries in the area.
  • Local spiritual events, aimed at increasing the religious diversity of the Acadiana area
  • Workshops and seminars
  • PSA’s on AOC regarding the religious diversity and tolerance in Acadiana
  • Helping neo-pagan individuals and groups and individuals of alternative spiritualities network in the Acadiana area

Please help us raise $840 and obtain our 501c3 so that together, we can make Acadiana a better place!


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